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How To Copy Trade On eToro

by CFD Guru Team   ·   

How To Copy Trade On eToro

by CFD Guru Team   ·   

eToro is a renowned online trading platform that boasts of millions of users who have consistently traded with ease on our eToro trading platform.

eToro was established as far back as 2007 to provide an accessible means for trading by anyone around the world and help relieve the already overwhelmed conventional financial institutions who were traditionally trusted with trading.

So far, they have successfully achieved this aim, and as of 2018, they were valued at an impressive $800 million. 

They are an investment management and brokerage firm with several investments and trading tools that you can access on our online trading platform.

They are currently active in the following industries: online investing, social investing, bitcoin exchange, and financial services. 

For a better understanding, online trading platforms are financial intermediaries that take your financial trading orders and help you with the investment while you also monitor every step.

You can do this without meeting with the person on the other side.

Hence, the need for you to ensure you trade with a reputable online trading platform like ours.

Products traded on most online platforms include derivatives, bonds, stocks, currencies, and other commodities.

Many investment enthusiasts now find online trading as a preferred means of trading. The reason is not far fetched as it allows you to trade from the comfort of wherever you are as opposed to the conventional floor trading through open outcry and telephone calls. 

Online trading platforms add different features on their platforms that make trading easy for you.

Some of the popular features usually added include up to date market prices, news feeds, charting packages, and account management functions. 

At eToro, as part of their aim to ease trading, they launched the eToro mobile app in 2012.

The app is compatible with both android and apple smartphones. The mobile app allows you to do whatever form of trading you want, wherever you are.

The online trading platform has the following features: multi-asset platform, social trading, deposits, withdrawals and fees options, copy portfolios, and copytrader, which will be our focus in this article.

What Is Copytrading? 

Copytrading is when you, as a copy investor, copy financial positions opened and managed by copy traders.

In copytrading, you link an account with that of the copytrader and allocate some funds into the account.

This means that your account will trade in whatever investment portfolio the copytrader trades in, and you make whatever they make, albeit your profit will be proportionate with the funds you have allocated to your linked account.

In other words, your linked account will ensure that you trade in whatever the copytrader trades in and make the same percentage of profit. 

Trading most times can be tedious because it requires research and speculation.

Even at that, you are not guaranteed a successful trade.

Copytrading relieves you of all the stress of having to do the trading yourself.

It means you are banking on the expertise and experience of the copytrader.

If you use a reputable online trading platform like ours, you have the luxury of picking from a wide range of traders who have made successful investment tradings. 

How To Copy Trade On eToro

With over 5 million users, eToro copytrading platform is easily one of the most reputable trading platforms you can find around.

The transparency level on the eToro copytrading platform makes it a preferred choice for most investors.

They have a wide range of investment markets like cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, ETFs, indices, and commodities you can trade in.

The copytrading platform has trading features that will give you an accurate trading profile on any subscribed copytrader.

They have ensured that the copytrading platform keeps up with the ever-evolving investment space. 

On eToro copytrading, you can copytrade 100 traders simultaneously. You can invest between a minimum sum of $200 and a maximum of $2,000,000.

Ensure you research any copytrader you intend to copytrade.

You can check the “stats” tab of a copy trader’s profile to give you an idea of how the copytrader has been performing. 

When you want to copy a trader, you should check for how long the person has been actively trading, their performance over the past year, how constant their trading results have been, and compare their portfolio performance with their trade performance. 

To fully enjoy the benefits of eToro copytrading platform, you must first open an account with eToro.

The first step to take in signing up is to visit our website and click on the “Trade now” button, and you will be directed to a page where you’ll fill an electronic form with all your personal data as requested.

After carefully reviewing your inputs in the form, you will submit it by clicking on the sign-up button.

As part of their KYC policy, you will be required to verify your account by providing information on your identity and address.

The next stage is for you to credit your eToro account.

Open your eToro account and click on “Deposit Funds”, then you select the amount you want to credit and the preferred currency.

Then you’ll choose a payment method.

When you are done with all of these, you can proceed to trade on your eToro account.

The platform is safe for you to input your personal information.

They use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all transaction communications, which will guarantee the safety of any imputed personal information.

They have made the signing up process on our platform user instructive to make it easy for you to create an account. 

Signing up for an eToro trading account is the requisite step to using our copy trade platform.

For copy trading, log in to your eToro account and proceed to the search bar and type in “Tradecatalog”.

Then search for your preferred trader. It is advisable to search for traders by risk score,

performance, and assets. The next step is to set your desired amount for copy trading.

Then you click on the “copy” button to start copying the trader’s position.

To get the best out of your investment from anywhere you are in the world, sing up with eToro today.

You are welcome to follow and copy my trades on eToro:

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eToro is, in their own words, ‘a social trading platform’ where traders and investors can share their strategies and gain insights on potential opportunities through a so-called ‘popular wisdom’.

They have been in business since 2007 and millions of traders use the platform on a daily basis to make their transactions.