About Us

About Us

CFD GURU is the home for many intelligent investors.

Our story

CFD Guru was created under one concept: to help you navigate successfully in the chaotic world of investing. Our aim is to get you aware of all the important terms, strategies and upcoming difficulties from the very beginning of your journey so that you can avoid mistakes and hopefully the great amount of losses that are caused by those mistakes as well.

With the rise of the modern technologies, people seek new ways to earn money online. Day trading can be one of the most lucrative careers nowadays, if you do it properly. Contract For Difference (CFD) trading is advanced and most popular trading strategies nowadays as starting as a CFD trader is much more relaxed than other types of trading and requires much lower capital to begin. However, that doesn’t mean it’s so simple you should jump in and start trading without any prior information and planning.

Most of the people passionately dive into CFD trading thinking it doesn’t require any prior knowledge or education. As a result, many of them lose their money saying trading doesn’t work. Although it’s considered as one of the easiest ways to earn big profits, we highly recommend you accumulate a lot of information before getting started with trading. Starting to day trade isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. It is possible to be successful and earn a good living trading only a few hours per day, but just like starting any other career, there is a lot to learn when you’re a day trading beginner.

So getting as much information as possible and dedicating time to learning is crucial for every field in life. And of course, trading isn’t an exception. it’s completely dependent on your knowledge and analytical thinking.

Our team is fully aware of the challenges and questions you might encounter as a beginner day trader. That’s why we are constantly working to help you answer those questions, overcome the challenges and provide you with as much insider tips and information as possible so that you can trade like a pro even from the very beginning. We’ll never stop providing you with the insights and day trading tips you need to start trading CFDs successfully and generate profits even in your first month of trading.

With you on our mind, we promise we will keep delivering!

We hope that you find our investing, strategies and brokers articles useful and we hope that we can contribute to your future financial success, this is our #1 main goal.

Thank you ❤️